abusedworker (abusedworker) wrote in sainsburys,
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sainsburys will kill you

hello new to the community.has management bullyied you to .who has seen the new stress policy that has been launched.any comments .do not go to USDAW if management are harrasing'bullying you .as it is they,re policy to support the employer and will fuck you up. seriously i have been fucked by usdaw cause they are in sainsburys pockets not to do anything in a greivence hearings or support they,re members who pay they,re monthly due,s .sainsburys refuse to acknowledge bullying is rife in the company by tin pot dictators ie justout king ,or senior h/r managers j b ,v m breahead to name and shame for now............do you know why on talkback a number is penciled on the top ,anybody who has derogatory remarks about management are BLACKLISTED for the treatment of doing opposite of what they say. if you raise a stink you go to see a shrink
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